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CRATIS has positioned itself in the domestic market as one of the leaders in providing Managed Cloud and ICT outsourcing services with a special emphasis on complete autonomy, security and its own products.
Commited, Responsible, Available, Trusted, Innovative and Secure. We are CRATIS.

From 2014. till today

After many years of experience in the telecommunications sector, CRATIS was formed in 2014 as a result of the market's need for an uncompromisingly reliable Managed Cloud operator that provides complete ICT services with a focus on complex systems that require the highest level of availability and reliability.

In the world of ICT services, we are recognized for our expertise, flexibility, friendliness, and top technical support for the user.

Our BlueOpsTM team of engineers adapts and follows you in development, incorporating their many years of experience into your business processes and systems.

After only a few years of active development, CRATIS has positioned itself in the provision of Managed Cloud services as one of the leaders in the domestic market.

Our Team

The company has 30 employees and professional associates.

The company is managed by a Management Board of 5 members.

The average age of employees is 30 years, and the company’s core team has over 150 years of accumulated industry experience.

The organization is department-based and promotes acceptance of responsibility as well as the highest degree of independence.

The culture is deeply embedded in the company’s DNA, and the structure is designed to be able to embrace new employee acquisitions extremely quickly and respond to all market challenges.

Our Mission and Value

Our mission is to promote the value of business digitalization by providing innovative and reliable ICT services from one place.

Some of our values are:

  • Flexible corporate governance and a stable "core" team with an organizational structure that allows us to grow quickly
  • Integrity of offered services - we provide one-stop-shop turnkey services on a completely own computer and network platform
  • All the necessary knowledge and technologies for providing services are "in-house"
  • Innovation, approach and continuous investment in new technologies and knowledge of management, associates and employees
  • Close cooperation with the STEM community and fostering partnerships with suppliers
  • Timely, continuous and transparent communication with users in the form of operation of our systems
Market position

CRATIS has positioned itself on the domestic market as one of the leaders in providing Managed Cloud or Data Center and ICT outsourcing services with a special emphasis on complete autonomy, security solutions, and its own products.

We currently have over 100 users with whom we have signed multi-year contracts for the provision of Managed Cloud Services.

Innovation, the use of modern technologies, and the incorporation of the highest degree of system duplication in terms of maintaining business continuity of our system and the systems of our customers are deeply integrated into everything we present and do.

Our history

After many years of experience in the design, maintenance, and implementation of complex telecommunications solutions, the company CRATIS was founded with the role of a system integrator.


We are placing a new business focus on providing complete Managed Cloud solutions for demanding business users.

Premium Cloud
Given the lack of a reliable infrastructure partner in the region, we are starting to build our own secure and 100% accessible Cloud infrastructure.

With the help of our own infrastructure running over 3000 Cloud servers and an elite BlueOps team of over 20 engineers, we provide superior services to over 100 regional and global users.

CRATIS Tomorow
CRATIS Tomorow

We are expanding our offices in the region and managing our own Tier 3 data center, which covers over 2000m2 of IT space in the city of Varaždin.

CRATIS Management
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Matija Grabar

Founder and President of the Management Board. With over 14 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and a strong technical background, he fully understands the needs of the market from a commercial and technical point of view. With a strong character, clear vision and top management with the mentorship of partners for many years successfully manages and achieves excellent results in the field of business and communication of the importance of digitalization as a driver of global business.

Chief Business Officer (CBO)
Ivana Đurđek

In the position of Business Director and Deputy President of the Management Board, Ivana is one of the organizational foundations of the company, which she manages passionately and responsibly. With over 18 years of experience and work in various positions of responsibility, she has gained an extraordinary ability to resolve crisis situations, distinguish priorities and unambiguously communicate tasks. Approachable, extremely warm, cares for the well-being and health of each employee as well as customer satisfaction.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Martina Cuković

An excellent, realistic, focused and precise analyst with rich ten years of experience in the field of management and finance through control, management and a clear vision, she is a pillar of stability in the financial operations of our company. Throughout her career, she has obtained a significant amount of grants from EU funds and successfully implemented many mega projects.

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Mišo Lovrenčić

Our technical director, BlueOpsTM leader. His technical expertise, determination, and natural qualities of a true team leader make him our greatest ambassador. Over 10 years of experience in working with the most complex ICT systems allows him to precisely define and deliver deadlines to customer satisfaction. His care, meticulousness, affection, and deep respect for employees with an excellent understanding of customer needs, our professional team significantly sets us apart from everything known on the market.

Chief Research Officer (CRO)
Filip Sabalić

The first employee, today one of the co-owners. From the very beginning of his business, he strongly supported and understood the vision and formed the technological direction of the company's development. With his continuous work and incredible ability to quickly master new technologies, he solved all problems and implemented our first systems. Today, in his role as Development Director, he uses his rich experience in the broadest field of ICT to innovate and design new services and unique solutions with which CRATIS takes a unique position in the market.

Advisor to the board
Marko Dagelić

Our mentor, co-owner, ally and friend. Mark’s business journey began in the U.S. after graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York City. He holds a master's degree in financial management from the University of Economics in Split and an MBA in leadership and strategy from the London Business School. For the past 20 years, he has worked in leading global and regional corporations in various executive positions within the telecom and BPO industries. He is active through many associations, is a lecturer and mentor at business schools. Currently, Marko is an independent business advisor and investor with a special focus on fast-growing companies with global influence.


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