EU Project - Improving the competitiveness of CRATIS through investment in ICT

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The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund


Improving the competitiveness of CRATIS through investment in ICT

User: Cratis d.o.o., Varaždinske Toplice

Project title: "Improving the competitiveness of CRATIS through investment in ICT"

Short description of the project: The project includes investment in the procurement and implementation of ERP systems and software for permanent data protection. In order for this software to be operational and to achieve the integration of existing business systems with new ones, the company procures the basic computer infrastructure, namely computer servers, SAN system, computer network, and network firewall. By implementing the project, the company solves its problems and limiting factors primarily optimizes business processes, integrates existing systems with new ones, and increases the level of data protection. Ultimately, it strengthens the market position, increases competitiveness and business efficiency. The company's management, employees, business partners, and the local community benefit directly.

Objectives and expected results of the project: The realization of the project is planned to increase the company's income, improve 8 business processes, keep existing jobs and hire new employees (4 new employees). The project procures an ERP system, computer equipment, and software tools.

Total project value (in HRK): 1,258,842.50 HRK

EU co-financed amount: HRK 694,451.80

Project implementation period: October 25, 2019. - October 25, 2020

Contact person: Matija Grabar,

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