BlueOps TM

Superior ICT support

Our elite BlueOpsTM team of experts accumulates over 150 years of industry experience and represents our greatest strength and value – complete support with fast, efficient and transparent problem solving.

We have consolidated all traditional roles (TechOps, SysOps, DevOps, CloudOps, SecOps) and incident management (ITSM) into elite technical support - BlueOpsTM


The culture of our elite and transparent technical support is deeply integrated into the DNA of our company.

In order to maintain the structure, conciseness, and timeliness of communication, we have designed our BlueOpsTM services as follows:

  • Service Hub - centralizes monitoring and communication between users and BlueOpsTM teams
  • Managed Services - implements, provides technical support services and maintains all your ICT systems

Service Hub

Service Hub is a central place in the form of monitoring, incident management, and providing technical support.

As every moment is crucial during an incident, we integrate all the necessary surveillance systems for you during the establishment of services.

As means of communication we use:

  • 24x7 escalating contacts available (phone and email)
  • Atlassian ecosystem (Service Management, Jira, Confluence, Statuspage)
  • Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype, and other forms of communication as needed

The most important tasks of our Service Hub department are:

  • Continuous monitoring of the operation of all systems and proactive delegation of tasks
  • Transparent reporting of system difficulties by users
  • Receiving, prioritizing, escalating, and processing an incident
  • Continuous reporting of users and taking care of quality and timely execution of tasks
  • Collecting and verifying the correctness of technical documentation and contacts

Managed Services

We complete all our services with managed services - a unique place from which regardless of the complexity of the question you get answers from all aspects of the operation of your ICT system.

To ensure the highest quality services, our BlueOpsTM team manages all layers of infrastructure, eliminating the problem of "ball switching" and achieving perfect harmony in the operation of all your ICT systems.

Although we are contractually connected to suppliers up to the development level, we rely on our own knowledge, experience, and infrastructure and in all cases, we can vouch for what we promote and stand behind, in situations where it matters most to you.

Our Managed Services team is divided into implementation and maintenance and covers the following areas:

  • Tech support - technical support for application solutions and IT systems
  • Data Center - Data Center Management and Optical Infrastructure
  • Platform - managing computer servers, cloud systems, virtualization systems, and data backup systems
  • Network - managing computer networks and telecommunication solutions
  • System - Manage Windows/Linux technologies and services
  • Dev support - support to development teams and optimize application environments
  • Security - Managing cybersecurity solutions

For each area, "first responder" procedures are defined to provide you with the ultimate experience through seamless problem solving 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The most important tasks of our Managed Services departments are:

  • Consulting, designing, and implementation of ICT systems
  • Quickly solve problems and provide quality technical support at the highest level
  • Delivery of complete ICT solutions within agreed frameworks
  • Manage all layers of infrastructure (from the data center, computer network, virtualization to application)
  • Ensuring that all project associates are familiar with the technologies, system operation, flaws, and available documentation
  • Continuously test and analyze vulnerabilities of your apps, services, and computer network
  • Protection against attacks, analysis of network traffic, and timely remediation of anomalies
  • Customization and continuous optimization of all parameters of operation of your ICT systems

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

In order to achieve the highest possible level of availability, we have reassessed our infrastructure between several data centers, and we have taken over the management of all layers of the infrastructure.

We have carefully designed every bit of infrastructure and taken all previous measures responsibly to keep our services always available (100% uptime).

Since sometimes there are technical limitations of the leased services as well as situations that we cannot control, we promise that when an outburst happens - we will always be transparent with you, continuously taking new measures, and our team will always be available to you.


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