Cloud solutions

Start or improve your business according to the "pay as you grow" model with the help of solutions from our renowned partners. Our BlueOpsTM team plans, implements and provides all the necessary professional assistance for you.

With the help of our BlueOpsTM professional team, we ensure a painless transition to the cloud and top-notch technical support.

Cloud solutions

Cloud applications allow you to start your business without significant investments in your own IT equipment as well as high associated maintenance costs.

In the Cloud model, all applications are located on state-of-the-side computing infrastructure in secure data centers, and you rent exactly as much as you need at a given time. Such a principle not only significantly reduces your costs, but raises the security of your data and protects you from the serious cyber threats of today.

With the help of our BlueOpsTM professional team, we ensure a painless transition to the cloud and top-notch technical support.

Business applications

The cloud business app hosting service ensures always available and secure placement of your business applications (CRM, ERP, bookkeeping programs, etc.) on our highly available Cloud system within our data centers.

Within the engagement, we deliver complete turnkey services so that they can do their job carelessly on a safe and fast platform from anywhere in the world.

A large number of business applications are running on our platform, so let us incorporate the gained experience into your business system as well. Given that a large number of business solutions are available on the domestic and foreign markets, without singling out individuals - our BlueOpsTM team will make sure that your app works quickly, safely, and stabile.

Microsoft Solutions

Nowadays, digital business without Microsoft ecosystems is almost unthinkable.

Microsoft, in line with digital age trends, focuses all of its products in the direction of cloud business, which means that today you can increase your security and raise your productivity by renting a digital takeaway office in the required ratio.

CRATIS advises you when choosing a Microsoft suite of solutions that will suit your business, and some of the must-have products of today come to your computers in online (access via internet browser), offline (desktop applications), and mobile (mobile devices and tablets) variants:

  • Windows - We're upgrading your Windows operating system to its latest version
  • Office Programs - Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Electronic mail - Outlook and Exchange
  • Apps for collaborating and working from home - Teams and SharePoint
  • Productivity apps - OneNote, Planner, and more

The Microsoft ecosystem not only protects your data and takes security to a new level, but provides you with a wide range in centralizing device management and meeting safety standards.

Our BlueOpsTM team provides you with a painless transition from any business solution to the Microsoft ecosystem (including mailbox migration).

Endpoint security

In an era of forced digital business transition caused by the pandemic, business systems have become more vulnerable than ever, and the underground market is enjoying its peak with stolen information.

Do not allow yourself to become a victim of information theft and put your business in an unenviable situation, therefore protect all your system in a timely manner.

With our complete "endpoint security" solutions, you control all the security aspects of your employees' computers with the help of a central console from our cloud – wherever you are.

Some of the features that our endpoint security solution allows you to:

  • Central monitoring and control with the help of a central console located in the cloud
  • Advanced protection for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems
  • Mobile device protection and management
  • Encryption and data protection
  • Updating operating systems and installing patches
  • Remote Software Deployment
  • Advanced Security State Reporting

Our BlueOpsTM team proactively monitors the situation, responds in case of an incident, and advises you on how to increase your security level.

Our solution is flexible and charged on a monthly basis according to the number of protected computers.

CRATIS primarily bases its services on reputable security solutions from Kaspersky's protection program.


For telecom operators and demanding customers we offer:

  • Solutions for continuous scanning and reporting of vulnerabilities in the field of computer networks, services, and web applications
  • Network traffic analysis and monitoring solutions for early detection of anomalies, identification of applications, and network bandwidth planning
  • DDoS attack detection and protection solutions

Solutions are designed as cloud applications whose operation, configuration, and provision of technical support are taken care of by our BlueOpsTM team, and if there are special security restrictions, through our professional services it is possible to install and integrate into your system.  


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