Following market trends and customer needs, CRATIS has developed a portfolio of Cloud services through which it delivers complete solutions to even the most demanding business customers.

All of our Cloud systems are designed to provide the highest level of availability, flexibility and security

Cloud services

When you have your own infrastructure, you are aware of all the risks because you independently manage elements such as availability, high availability, performance, security, and backup. When it comes to Cloud infrastructure, you hand over all the above elements to an external team, and then it is crucial to make the right decision.

We used to be in such a situation ourselves, so we have compiled a list of information that will help you make a decision.

In combination with Professional Services and our always available BlueOpsTM team, we deliver premium turnkey solutions.

Network and Security

Ensure the security perimeter of the data center and solve the problem of your computer network with the help of our state-of-the-art and modern computer network:

  • Software-Defined WAN - remote connection of branches and solutions for work from home
  • Edge Security - protect the perimeter of your Cloud system from external threats with WAF, Firewall, Load-Balancer and other custom solutions
  • Virtual DC Network - a virtual computer network that extends from all your branches to all our data centers
  • Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) - publish your public IPv4 addresses within our autonomous system
  • DDoS protection - protect against DDoS attacks with the help of a distributed global 2Tbps DDoS scrubbing network

Managed Data Center

With us, your data and computer equipment are always available and located in a safe place:

Enterprise Cloud

Scalable, reliable, and secure infrastructure solutions for even the most demanding users:

  • CRATIS Cloud - rental of standalone or highly available Cloud servers on Premium CRATIS virtualization (VMWare and Hyper-V)
  • Private Cloud - we build experience and implement dedicated custom environments with the help of modern technologies and our premium infrastructure
  • Hybrid Cloud - we connect your Private Cloud environment with the CRATIS Cloud system or Cloud environment of our global partners (AWS and Azure)

Managed Cloud

Turnkey solutions with the highest level of availability. From design to production, our elite BlueOpsTM team of experts designs and maintains:


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