CRATIS solutions

Looking at market needs and trends, CRATIS has developed several complete products that can fully adapt to your business.

With a unique approach, we incorporate experience, simplicity and reduce business risk.

CRATIS solutions

Our solutions are reliable and scalable, based on modern technologies and functionalities developed through many years of cooperation with partners and users.

We provide you with the highest level of integration into all of your business systems as well as direct access to development support.

Cloud PBX solution

Our Cloud PBX solution is scalable and runs within the highly available environment of our data center, and provides you with a significant reduction in telecommunication costs and increased productivity through raising business communication opportunities. In exceptional cases (due to regulatory and other requirements), we may also implement our PBX solution on your infrastructure.

We provide an instance for your needs, which allows you to make a high degree of customization and choose a telecommunications operator as you wish.

With the help of our Network and Security services, we connect all your offices with our Cloud PBX solution. With the help of our SIP Trunk service, we have become your telecommunications operator, so you have the opportunity to make a transfer of numbers to our telecommunication network.

The solution supports all standard SIP devices such as fixed and DECT IP phones, IP intercoms, PC, and mobile calling apps. It is also possible to tailor solutions to your needs as well as integrate with business systems to automate processes such as call control.

Our PBX service can be used as a telephone exchange with standard functions such as call forwarding, call groups, or for a combination of landline, mobile and VoIP telephony to reduce costs and forward calls depending on the location of the user.

In addition to the standard functions above, we also support a wide range of advanced functions such as video calls, recording conversations, and an integrated phone book with short dialing numbers.

A quick overview of the options:

  • Call recording
  • Call divert depending on weather conditions
  • Interactive voice menus (IVR) and answering machine
  • Call transfer
  • Change music on hold
  • Call forwarding depending on the status of the called device
  • Control the display of the caller's number and name
  • Call retrieval
  • Calling groups
  • Device status (BLF)
  • Integration with mobile devices and external destinations
  • Short numbers
  • Phonebook
  • Function codes
  • Voicemail with sending to e-mail
  • Support for multiple audio / audio codecs
  • SIP signaling protocol support

In production, we have Cloud PBX systems that reuse several thousand extensions and successfully process over 300 simultaneous calls.

Call Engagement Platform (CEP)

Cep platform is a contact center solution that enables automation and monitoring of incoming and outgoing call campaigns.

The platform combines all the functions necessary to run its own contact center for support, sales, marketing and other business processes that rely on communication with contacts.

The platform adapts to your requirements and integrates with other business solutions such as ERP or PMS systems if necessary.

The main functions of our CEP platform:

  • Incoming phone campaigns - used mostly for customer support and other types of processing incoming phone calls (with support for scripts and forms)
  • Outgoing phone campaigns - most commonly used for sales where contacts from created calling sheets are manually or automatically called (supported by scripts and forms)
  • Use and monitor multiple channels of communication simultaneously - communication with the contact can be established through one type of channel and expanded through other channels of communication (supports switching between E-Mail, SMS, social network and other channels)
  • Flexible call control - incoming phone calls can be directed to specific agents depending on multiple conditions
  • Callback and announcements - You can inform the caller about the current availability of agents, i.e. the waiting time and their place in the response queue
  • Intelligent automatic caller - for outgoing phone campaigns, the caller automatically controls the speed and method of dialing contacts depending on the speed you gave him
  • Creating and customizing call lists - it is possible to create lists from existing contacts or create new contacts by manually entering or importing data
  • Creating scripts and forms - every incoming and outgoing call in a campaign is accompanied by interactive scripts and forms that guide the agent through the call and store the collected information
  • Advanced campaign monitoring tools - Real-time supervisor monitors the work of agents and the entire system (agent operating parameters, agent/campaign wait and conversation time, conversation listening, quotas, performance measurement, etc.)
  • Agent console - depending on campaign setup and rights; agents can check their work, redirect a conversation or arrange a callback, edit data within interactive forms, view scripts and notes that direct their conversation, and provide insight into important contact information.
  • Work Analytics - Work Analytics adapts to business requirements and in addition to standard reports that allow resource planning and optimization of work, automatic reports sent to supervisors or managers are also supported and constantly inform them about important parameters such as SLA and other parameters
  • Regulatory obligations and security - with strict classification and limitations regarding access to personal data, advanced monitoring of system operation, and internal call blocking list, the platform is integrated with haka register DO NOT CALL which is refreshed daily

The whole solution is extremely safe, stable, scalable, and launched in the cloud on the top-notch highly available CRATIS infrastructure.

The solution can be connected to any telecom operator and combined with all our services.

Also, CRATIS has developed a plug&play Connect IDentify platform for video identification purposes that, in an innovative way, while respecting strict market standards and regulatory requirements, allows agents in the contact center to remotely identify the final interlocutor. The solution is primarily intended for the financial sector (banks, insurance, fin-tech), and final testing and commercialization of product is underway.

CRATIS Security and Monitoring

CRATIS Security and Monitoring (SAM) is a modular platform for complete monitoring and monitoring of service level indicators of complex ICT systems from the cloud.

The platform is integrated and managed by our BlueOpsTM team and is made up of numerous monitoring and management systems with a high degree of personalization. The aim of the system is to record changes due to regulatory obligations and to report, prevent and detect early detection of potential interference with the operation of systems or services.

As we cover an extremely large number of technologies and services with the platform, we implement the solution using modules covering the following units:

  • Data centers - monitoring electricity consumption and the state of physical servers
  • Computer network - monitoring of all network devices
  • Platform - monitoring the operation of virtualization systems and storage and backup systems
  • OS - availability and performance measurement of all computer servers
  • Applications - measuring the performance of various application services (proxy, databases, web, voice, radius, docker, etc.)
  • Cybersecurity - IDS/IPS, network traffic analysis, service vulnerabilities, and attack detection
  • SIEM - collection and processing of events from all computer devices (SIEM system)
  • Internet - verification, and optimization of BGP routing, measuring the quality of services to key Internet hubs
  • External monitoring - measuring the quality and availability of all Cloud services from various parts of the Internet

With the help of CRATIS SAM solution, our BlueOpsTM Service Hub 24x7 proactively monitors the operation of all systems and the quality of service delivery so that operational teams can identify and solve the problem as soon as possible and communicate with the user in a timely manner.

Also, the solution allows us to plan the necessary capacities and advise you on the necessary upgrades or optimization because - poor quality of services is not an option.


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