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Enterprise Cloud Services

Following market trends and user needs, CRATIS has developed a portfolio of Enterprise Cloud services through which it delivers complete solutions for even the most demanding users. 

All our Cloud systems are designed to ensure the highest level of availability, flexibility and security Enterprise Cloud  


Enterprise Cloud

When you own your own infrastructure,  you are aware of all the risks because you manage elements such as availability, high availability, performance, security and backup on your own. When it comes to  Cloud infrastructure, you hand over all these elements to the external team and then it is crucial to make the right decision. 

We used to be in that situation ourselves, so we put together a list  of information to help you make your decision. 



Get to know the CRATIS Cloud platform - uncompromising stability with the application of state-of-the-art technologies. 

Rent the always available Cloud Server on VMware and Hyper-V virtualization technologies. 

The excellent balance between the conservative and liberal approaches when introducing new technologies ensures the uncompromising stability of the CRATIS Cloud system while maintaining the high level of flexibility and economy that the market requires. 

Our BlueOpsTM team continuously and in detail monitors the system and eliminates anomalies, and only informs the user that the problem existed. 

Featured Features of our Cloud system: 

  • To achieve the highest performance, your Cloud Server always migrates transparently to the least loaded physical server 
  • We rely solely on renowned VMware and Hyper-V virtualization platforms that our BlueOpsTM  team continuously monitors and updates 
  • Your Cloud servers are powered by tested physical server equipment from exclusively reputable manufacturers 
  • All of our servers are connected by two 10Gbit/network connections to our highly available computer network 
  • All your data is stored on highly available and fast enterprise SAN systems of reputable manufacturers 
  • In the event of a failure of a particular physical server, your Cloud Server instantly starts on another server 
  • Backup of your data is done with the help of Veeam  technology, continuously checked, and stored at a 70km distance location in another earthquake zone 

Cloud Server servers are available on  Linux and Windows operating systems (specialized solutions such as pfSense, Mikrotik CHR, etc.) are also available. 

Cloud Server is supplied in two variants: 

  • Standalone - runs on physical servers with local SSD disks and a protected RAID field 
    • ideal for apps that don't need high availability 
    • in case of failure, the physical server is repaired or run from a backup on another physical server 
    • in case of maintenance or early signs of malfunction, Cloud Server is transparently migrated to another physical server 
  • Highly available (HA) - runs on a highly available cluster environment of physical servers 
    • ideal for applications that do not support high availability at the application level (example: bookkeeping software) 
    • in the event of a failure, Cloud Server instantly starts on another physical server within the cluster environment 
    • in case of maintenance, Cloud Server migrates transparently to another physical server 

In order to achieve the highest level of security, cratis cloud platform management is done by our BlueOpsTM team, which is always available for you. 

If you want to combine our services with a high degree of independent virtualization platform management, check out our Private Cloud solutions. 


Private Cloud 

If you need the highest level of autonomy and supervision due to business policy or regulation, we implement a private Cloud environment for you with Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, or KVM virtualization technologies. 

As part of private cloud rental services,  you get a separate and tailored  Private Cloud environment whose features are the same as the CRATIS Cloud platform. 

When compiling an offer together, we analyze your needs and tailor a solution that will satisfy them from all aspects: 

  • Choosing virtualization, monitoring, backup and licensing technology 
  • Selecting computer servers according to your specific needs 
  • Computer server positions (system can be deployed through multiple data centers) 
  • Addressing interconnections and the computer network 
  • Solving SAN system and backup platform issues 

Our BlueOpsTM team  continuously maintains and monitors the operation of your Cloud system and advises you and eliminates anomalies in your work. 


Hybrid Cloud 

As part of the Hybrid Cloud service, we  connect your Private Cloud or on-site Cloud installation to our  CRATIS Cloud system or our Cloud Partners (AWS and Azure) system. 

The advantages of such an approach are: 

  • Reducing costs when sizing your private Cloud system 
  • Global presence capability due to sensitivity of individual services 
  • Possibility of renting an enormous amount of computer resources due to sudden growth 
  • Meeting specific regulatory requirements in line with business objectives 
  • Reducing licensing costs 

We provide you "one-stop shop" experience from establishing network connections, setting up and configuring virtualization environments as well as associated systems with the possibility of BlueOpsTM support and maintenance.