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ICT services

We design modern technical solutions, optimize costs, simplify procurement and significantly reduce business risk while raising the value of your company.

Through a unique BlueOpsTM approach, we incorporate experience, simplicity and reduce business risk.


ICT services

At its very foundations, we are a high-tech company that promotes transparency, knowledge, innovation, proactivity and modern technologies.

Some interesting facts about us:

  • We have played a complete ICT role in several domestic startup companies that are major global players today
  • We have migrated complex networks of telecommunications operators and data centers in the domestic and foreign markets
  • We harmonized the information systems of international users with corporate and regulatory requirements in the form of obtaining Payment and Gambling licenses.
  • We set up, scaled, maintained, and defended national online systems from cyber attacks
  • We have consolidated and optimized complex and dislocated “multi-cloud” ICT systems
  • In extraordinary circumstances, we migrated a significant number of users to the Cloud as well as thousands of their employees to the "new normal" (Work from Home)


Professional services

Through years of work and hundreds of successfully delivered "mega" projects in almost all branches of industry, we have gained a huge experience that today through the portfolio of our Professional Services we incorporate into your ICT systems.

We are your ally and loyal partner and we deliver all services on a turnkey basis:

  • Cloud consulting and migration - we guide you through the entire process from analysis to choosing a solution with the goal of painless migration to the cloud
  • Tailor-made ICT solutions - we advise you, design and integrate ICT solutions in accordance with your business goals
  • Cyber ​​security services - we improve the security of your ICT systems from a technical, regulatory, and business aspect
  • Rental and maintenance of computer equipment - we rent and maintain all the necessary ICT equipment for your office (computers, network, and printers)
  • Distribution of computer equipment - we provide services and distribution of computer equipment of our Partners


CRATIS solutions

With the help of our own solutions, we bring value to the business and enable the highest degree of software integration with business systems:

  • Cloud PBX - a modern telephone exchange in the cloud
  • Call Engagement Platform - a complete cloud solution for all forms of contact centers
  • CRATIS Security and Monitoring - a modular solution for complete surveillance of complex ICT systems


Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions allow you to start your business without significant investment in your own IT equipment as well as high associated maintenance costs.

In the Cloud model, all applications are located on a state-of-the-art computing infrastructure in secure data centers, and you rent exactly as much as you need at any given time. Such a principle not only significantly reduces your costs but also raises the security of your data and protects you from the serious cyber threats of today.

With the help of our BlueOpsTM expert team, we ensure a painless transition to the cloud and state-of-the-art technical support.

  • Business applications - accommodation and support of business applications of our partners
  • Microsoft Solutions - Microsoft Digital Business Ecosystem
  • Endpoint security - secure your every computer, wherever it is
  • Cybersecurity - advanced solutions for the cyber security of computer networks and applications