In order to offer the highest availability service, we rely solely on our own computer and network infrastructure that is designed so that each component is completely duplicated without a single point that could compromise the operation of the system. Our infrastructure extends through 3 geographically redundant Tier 3 data centers.

The highest availability of the service is our promise, and the security of your data is our highest priority.


When you have your own infrastructure, you are aware of all the risks because you independently manage elements such as availability, high availability, performance, security, and backup. When it comes to Cloud infrastructure, you hand over all the above elements to an external team, and then it is crucial to make the right decision.

By choosing the CRATIS cloud infrastructure, you have made the right decision and are handing over all elements of risk to our elite BlueOpsTM team:

  • Our equipment is located in the cages of the most modern domestic Tier 3 data centers, which guarantees its safety and availability.
  • We have eliminated traditional network problems related to availability, flexibility, and scalability with the help of modern network technologies
  • We are connected to the Internet by redundant high-bandwidth connections through independent Tier 1 operators
  • In order to maximize the response and speed of your services, we have directly connected with all domestic and several major global network operators.
  • Our entire infrastructure, as well as all network connections, are always redundant between a minimum of two data centers
  • With the help of our own innovations, advanced network firewalls, and a global network of protection against DDoS attacks, we have raised security to the highest level
  • The backup of your data is continuously stored at a location 70 km away with the help of proven Veeam technology
  • We rely primarily on the ecosystems of VMWare and Microsoft partners to provide virtualization services
  • The hardware we use (servers, computer network, storage system) has been thoroughly tested and is from reputable manufacturers (IBM, Lenovo, Huawei, Supermicro, etc.)
  • Our BlueOpsTM team of experts comes from the industry, is extremely responsible, and is always at your service
  • Our infrastructure is under continuous monitoring, and we communicate difficulties with users in a timely and transparent manner

Infrastructure scheme

The connection between all our locations in Croatia is provided through redundant optical connections and allows us transmission capacities up to 100Gbit / s.