Managed Cloud Services

Following market trends and user needs, CRATIS has developed a portfolio of Managed Cloud services that deliver complete solutions for even the most demanding users.

Use our knowledge and experience as your advantage – BlueOpsTM team brings you turnkey solutions in response to all of your ICT challenges

Managed Cloud

Through our premium Enterprise Cloud service on state-of-the-line infrastructure and always available to the elite BlueOpsTM team, we deliver complete turnkey solutions to you.

Check out our offer and contact us for free consultations!

Scalable Web Platforms

Through the experience gained from serving large online portals and webshops, we bring you complete, scalable, and reliable solutions that guarantee that your services will always be fast and accessible.

We provide your apps with a safe, fast, and high-available environment that allows you to put the focus on development, while we take care of everything else.

With many years of work we have gained a wealth of experience and have come to know a large number of technologies, which allows us to fully adapt the Web platform to the programming language or framework of your application.

Through the onboarding process, we identify goals together and schedule all of the transition tasks. With high flexibility, while respecting best practice rules, we'll ensure your app works smoothly and transitions to a new environment whether it's Single Tier or Multi-Tier Architecture.

We follow you throughout the transition process to modern platforms for orchestrating containerized applications such as Rancher or Kubernetes, and we provide your development team with counseling and education until your application becomes fully "Cloud Native".

Regardless of the technology or platform, with the RED methodology (Rate/Error/Duration) and the Application Performance Monitoring system, we implement 24/7 proactive monitoring of all of the components – from the computer network, operating systems, services, and applications to the overall availability of end-user service to fix the problem or alert you in a timely manner.

Managed Database

Our Database as a Service (DBaaS) service relieves you of the great burden of implementing, scaling, and maintaining databases so that they can fully dedicate themselves to developing their applications.

We offer complete solutions in standalone or highly available cluster design for a wide range of technologies, the most pre-used of which are:

  • Relational Databases (SQL)
  • Non-relational Databases (NoSQL)
    • Key-Value stores
    • Document stores
    • Search Engines
  • Time Series Database (TSDB)

With a very analytic approach, we find complete solutions that will fully meet your needs.

With the help of the"SQLAware" proxy system, we reduce the level of system complexity for applications and provide high availability and detailed monitoring with exceptional database scalability without changes in your application code.

Through proactive 24x7 surveillance, we monitor your growth and advise you on your next steps.

Managed OS

Our BlueOpsTM team of experts continuously maintains the operation of your server's operating system by taking responsibility and time-demanding administration. With proactive 24x7 monitoring, we always solve all challenges by anticipating any potential problems.

Through extensive experience and access to best practices, our team of experts takes care of the installation, administration, and maintenance of your systems with the help of automation and organizational protocols.

Administration and maintenance include:

  • taking care of the correct licensing
  • system optimization depending on the purpose
  • timely patch installation
  • comprehensive migration to newer versions
  • proactive monitoring and reaction to anomalies

All of our checklists are organized and monitor best practices, and in case preventive action is not an option we approach with quick analysis and troubleshooting.

With the modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach, we provide all the necessary monitoring tools and easy installation, which allows us to have a very clear picture of the needs of your systems at any moment.

Managed Backup

With the help of the Managed Backup Services portfolio, we make sure that your computer, backup system, network device, server, or application always has the last and verified backup within our Enterprise backup system.

As we keep the data of institutions of national importance, be sure that your data will be very strictly and regularly managed in terms of traceability and cybersecurity.

Our managed backup services are designed to keep your critical data always available and secure, and our range of integrated tools allows you to back up the data or configuration of almost every targeted device or application.

With a thorough consultation, we tailor your data protection and disaster recovery strategy precisely according to our business goals and needs.

Implementing a complete, scalable and reliable backup solution is an extremely demanding, expensive, and thankless process, so we invite you to use our experience and ensure your business continuity is tailored – in an economical way.

Enterprise E-mail

Leave the care of your e-mail system to the best – we operate servers that hold thousands of user compartments of extremely sensitive institutions on Microsoft Exchange and Enterprise Open-Source platforms, set to meet the highest levels of availability, regulatory obligations, and security.

We offer you the possibility of choosing a high degree of personalization of the solution according to your business needs through the application of commercial or economical open-source solutions for e-mail management. In addition, our years of experience in this area guarantee that migration from your existing system will go smoothly and without interruption of availability.

Our proven solutions cover a wide range of e-mail collaboration requirements and meet all modern market standards and requirements, and our systems will ensure safe delivery and communication with your clients' servers.

For users running their own e-mail servers, we also offer an "Email Relay" service that ensures that your e-mail always reaches the desired address. The service is integrated with open-source and commercial Anti-SPAM solutions and ensures very high availability and reputation of your domain with all e-mail providers.


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