Managed Data Center Solutions

Considering that the reliability and quality of data centers are key factors to the operation of all our systems, we use the best Croatian Tier 3 data centers. All our equipment is provided in cage spaces, and the backup location is 70 kilometers away.

Take advantage of our benefits. Include our BlueOpsTM team and complete your ICT.

Managed Data Center

When you have your own infrastructure, you are aware of all the risks because you independently manage elements such as availability, high availability, performance, security, and backup. When it comes to Cloud infrastructure, you hand over all the above elements to an external team, and then it is crucial to make the right decision.

With us, all your data and computer equipment is always available and located in a safe place, within one of our Tier 3 data centers.

Combine our other services such as network and telecommunications solutions to connect your computer equipment to the Internet.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you about the "next steps" for free.

Premium colocation

Colocate your computer equipment inside one or all of our data centers.

The collocation service within our Tier 3 data center is leased based on the required amount of RU (rack unit) and the required power in kW.

It is possible to rent the entire cabinet (47RU) with up to 10KW of available power. We always supply redundant A + B power supply.

All equipment is secured inside the cage space and meets ISO27001, PCI DSS, and other requirements.

We provide users, regulators, and audit firms with access to the equipment under the supervision of our experts, and we are always available to advise you during regulatory inspections.

With the help of our expert BlueOpsTM team, we provide Hands & Eyes service with the option of continuous monitoring and replacement of defective equipment or components of computer servers and network devices.

When determining the location of your computer equipment, we analyze your needs and create a technical solution that will ensure the best redistribution of your computer equipment in our data centers.

If it’s special equipment like the GSM Gateway, we make sure it’s located where it has the best signal access.

Dedicated servers

We are providing the tailor-made configuration of the dedicated server according to our experience and your needs.

We offer for rent extremely reliable and previously thoroughly tested servers of the latest generation of renowned global suppliers.

We provide access to the servers via a secure VPN connection, and we proactively monitor their operation in order to replace defective components as soon as possible.

Leverage the experience of our BlueOpsTM team to best configure your PC server to meet your needs (web, docker, database, storage, virtualization and other business solutions). Depending on the purpose of your server, our BlueOpsTM team will set all the necessary BIOS parameters correctly.

We procure servers from renowned manufacturers whose distribution and service center we are for equipment maintenance.

Data Center as a Service (DCaaS)

Using of virtual data center services, you turn all our locations into one "virtual" place where you can securely place your equipment.

We understand your technical needs and maintain your equipment on an ongoing basis, ensuring that it is properly redistributed and networked between our data centers to ensure you have the highest level of availability. When we say everything, we also mean satisfying audit firms, regulatory requirements and, of course, establishing passive or active backup locations 70 kilometers away from production.

Through our advanced network technology, inventory and monitoring systems, and the BlueOpsTM team of experts, we provide you with a unique "Virtual DC experience".

Focus on your job, and let us take care of your ICT system.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

We offer complete network and server solutions to ensure the continuity of your business (Disaster Recovery).

In the event of a failure of your primary location, we will activate an equivalent system located within our data centers in Zagreb and Varaždin. With your primary location, we provide optical or VPN connections as needed, and we are also able to bring all the necessary links from your operators to make the Disaster Recovery system completely independent of your primary location.

Our solutions are primarily based on a combination of CRATIS services and Veeam Cloud Connect technology, but other options are possible in accordance with the technical requirements. Our BlueOpsTM team of experts will perform the necessary analyzes and provide you with all the prerequisites.

All our systems comply with the strictest standards and regulations so that we enable data storage for regulated industries such as finance and healthcare.

It is important to note that under the Law on Cyber ​​Security of key service operators and digital service providers, certain sectors are required to implement measures to achieve a high level of cyber security for their network and information system or its part on which the provision of key services depends.

  • Protection against system unavailability
  • Business continuity management
  • Backing up data

Using our services and competencies, CRATIS covers all legally prescribed requirements.

Storage as a service (STaaS)

Whether it’s backups or a primary production system, the security and integrity of your data is the most important and that’s how we handle it. On the other hand, reliable storage systems that store them are extremely expensive and often complex to configure.

Take advantage of our existing highly available SAN and NAS systems of extremely high performance to solve the issue of data storage whether it is:

  • Highly Available Virtualization Systems (SAN)
  • Central data sharing or backup systems (NAS)

You can access our storage (STaaS) service using of:

  • 10Gbit/s iSCSI interface via a separate or converged Ethernet network
  • Fiber Channel (FC) protocol
  • NFS / SMB protocol via 10Gbit / s network

Place your data on the protected disk space of exclusively reputable manufacturers in accordance with the Multi-Tiered architecture according to your needs:

  • Tier 0 - SSD Tier for critical performance
  • Tier 1 - SSD and SAS 15k rpm for high performance
  • Tier 2 - SAS 15k rpm and 10k rpm for medium performance
  • Tier 3 - NL-SAS 7k rpm for data backup

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