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Network and Security

Network and Security 

In combination with Professional Services and our ever-available  BlueOpsTM team, we deliver premium solutions on the "key in hand" principle. 

Secure your security perimeter and solve the data center's computer network issue with the help of our state-of-the-art and modern computing network. 


Software-Defined WAN 

Traditional MPLS VPN and other ways to connect your branches to a shared secure WAN network were once essential, and even today they represent an extremely large share of total telecommunication costs. 

Some of the key factors for this connection method were connection stability and security, high bandwidth requirements, and stable and low latency due to voice or other specialized network communication. 

Today, due to the sudden digitization, development of 5G networks and the high distribution of optical internet access, all of the above factors are achievable with the help of standard Internet access (constant connections or increasingly standard business access to the Internet). 

With a little magic from our BlueOpsTM team, your existing Internet connection and affordable network devices, we can connect your outlets to a VPN network without applying traditional MPLS VPN connections, and we can manage the flow of your network traffic in terms of optimization and security with the aim of raising the level of service in great detail. 

With backup connections through alternative fixed Internet access or mobile connection, we can achieve even a higher level of availability than with traditional VPN connections. 

It is this approach that significantly reduces costs, increases quality and simplifies business. 


Edge Security 

Edge Security service allows you to secure the perimeter of your network within our data centers. 

With the help of SD-WAN  or our Telekom services, you can easily connect your remote branches and place them behind the secure perimeter of your Edge Security device. 

We offer: 

  • Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) 
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Load-Balancer (LB) uređaje 
  • Specialized highly available VPN hubs 

We deliver solutions in the form of: 

  • Dedicated network devices only for your needs 
  • Virtual instances within one of our highly available 100G NGFW clusters 
  • Specialized highly available virtual server on a special virtualization segment 

Solutions allow you to protect against various forms of attack, load redistribution, advanced filtering, manipulation and analytics of network traffic, as well as granular security policy management. 

For all of the solutions, you always have available our professional support from the BlueOpsTM team. 


Virtual DC Network 

With a virtual DC network, we provide network connectivity of capacity from 1Gbit/s to 40Gbit/s between all your computer servers, network and other devices within any of our data centers. Connecting our virtualization to your servers is also standardized, and virtual networks can extend to your offices. 

In order to achieve the highest degree of reliability, we connect to our network redundantly with the help of specialized technical solutions, wherever possible. 

This is exactly how it allows you to lease only the capacities you need to achieve your goal, and you get a highly accessible, always maintained and monitored computer network designed on the latest technologies and carrier build network equipment. 


Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) 

If you own your own IP addresses or ASN (Autonomous System), we allow you to publish them from our network (within our BGP system). 

Some of the business advantages that this approach provides: 

  • You do not have capital expenditures for procurement or renewal of a reliable multi-e-side BGP network 
  • Use only the part of professional infrastructure you need 
  • You don't need to have a complex network skillset  to implement 
  • You don't have to worry about safety, supervision, renovation, and maintenance 

To whom such a service is intended: 

  • Telecommunications or Cloud operators 
  • Large hosting operators who want to be independent 
  • Users looking for more active sites published through multiple operators 
  • Customers who own such a service but are looking for a better operator 


DDoS Protection 

In the trend of forced digitization of business through the introduction of work from home and the precipitous growth of online stores, constant availability is more important than ever. 

As damages in the event of online disruption are greater than ever, we are witnessing more frequent cyber attacks aimed at gaining disloyal market advantage, blackmail or some third often unknown motives. 

The most widespread type of cyberattack is the DDoS (denial-of-service attack) that an attacker executes by leasing a global online network of infected computers through which he makes malicious visits to an online service that, due to the inability to process all requests simultaneously, ceases to operate. 

Since such attacks often seriously harm the operator itself who provides the service, in order to protect himself and his users during the duration of the attack, the operator suspends the service to the attacked user (victim). 

As such attacks generate an abnormal amount of Internet traffic, defense requires enormous capacities and powerful Anti-DDoS filters (distributed through large Internet nodes) that are able to recognize and isolate malicious traffic from legitimate and thus prevent attacks at source, and allow the user to provide online service smoothly. 

Features of CRATIS Anti-DDoS protection: 

  • Direct network connectivity with all Croatian operators achieves extremely low latency and quick access to services at national level 
  • With distributed global 2Tbps DDoS scrubbing network,  we protect our users from 1Tbps+ DDoS attacks 
  • We provide always-on protection on an IP address level 
  • We do not limit the amount of attacks or their volume (FLAT Anti-DDoS) 
  • With the help of our BlueOpsTM Security team, we provide 24x7 professional support 
  • We report attacks and ensure detailed analytics