Professional Services

We design modern technical solutions, optimize costs, simplify procurement and significantly reduce business risk while raising the value of your company.

Through a unique BlueOpsTM approach, we incorporate experience, simplicity and reduce business risk.

Professional services

Through years of work and hundreds of successfully delivered "mega" projects in almost all branches of industry, we have gained a huge experience that we incorporate into your ICT systems today through a portfolio of Professional Services.

We are your faithful ally and partner, and we deliver all of our services on a turnkey basis, always taking into account your requirements and wishes.

Cloud consulting and migration

Cloud solutions are designed to increase the security and reliability of ICT systems for users, reduce the cost of capital investment (CAPEX) and ownership (TCO), and optimize the operating costs of maintaining (OPEX) IT equipment.

Today's economy of the ICT industry is moving in the direction of "pay as you grow", which means that the user on a monthly basis, for example, leases computer equipment, computer resources, software, and professional support services just as much as he needs. In this way, large capital and operating costs are avoided and the highest level of quality is ensured, which we integrate into our users through the experience gained from the implementation of hundreds of different projects.

In this context, CRATIS has adapted its business to become a "one-stop-shop" for the end-user, providing all the necessary services in one place.

As part of Cloud consulting and migration services, we jointly choose a strategy depending on your needs and capabilities in order to raise quality, scalability, security, and stability at the lowest cost.

We are a very socially responsible company and we are always ready for compromises and cooperation.

Contact us, we will be happy to offer free consultations to open new horizons and introduce you to the world of Cloud services.

Custom ICT solutions

Although there are industry standards and best practices, as a company with a lot of experience working on ICT projects in different industries we are aware that there is no single ICT solution given that each company sets different business goals.

In order to maintain ease of access and maintain the highest level of service quality, we have created "Universal ICT Services" - a place that organizes, coordinates, and in accordance with deadlines and goals through the delivery of top services delivers its promise.

Some of the interesting facts about us:

  • We have played a complete ICT role in several domestic startup companies that are major global players today
  • We have migrated complex networks of telecommunications operators and data centers in the domestic and foreign markets
  • We harmonized the information systems of international users with corporate and regulatory requirements in the form of obtaining Payment and Gambling licenses.
  • We set up, scaled, maintained, and defended national online systems from cyber attacks
  • We have consolidated and optimized complex and dislocated “multi-cloud” ICT systems
  • In extraordinary circumstances, we migrated a significant number of users to the Cloud as well as thousands of their employees to the "new normal" (Work from Home)

Our goal is to become your “worry-free” ICT partner throughout the integration process.

Cybersecurity services

In an age when digitalization is the driver of almost every business, cybersecurity has become one of the foundations that every society should have deeply integrated into all its business processes.

Keeping in mind that the company's employees are the weakest link, we have prepared solutions for you that we implement in all layers of corporate security:

  • Consulting, development, and implementation of security policy
  • Implementation of personal data protection protocols - GDPR regulations
  • Education and testing of employees with the help of interactive online materials and simulations (learning about the dangers of social engineering, phishing, and other techniques)
  • Computer-level security (Endpoint security) - centrally managed cyber security for all computers within the company
  • Protection at the level of computer networks - we implement UTM devices and tools for monitoring or analyzing your network traffic
  • Server-level protection - with the help of our own SIEM solution and the solutions of our partners, we continuously monitor all anomalies in the work of your servers
  • We implement, integrate, and harmonize Group Policies (GPOs) using the Microsoft AD system
  • Penetration testing of computer networks and application services with the help of professional software

With the help of our BlueOpsTM Managed services, we implement and continuously monitor the level of your security and react and inform you of any anomalies in a timely manner.

With the help of Kaspersky experts, we also provide services for the cybersecurity of production facilities.

Rental and maintenance of computer equipment

In order to avoid capital costs for the purchase of equipment and reduce delivery times, we offer a complete package of rental and maintenance of "digital office" which includes:

  • Rental of network devices - firewalls, network router, network switches, and wireless access points
  • Rental of telecommunications equipment - IP telephones and video conferencing systems
  • Computer rental - laptops and desktops with peripherals

We can deliver the equipment almost the next day, and we have hundreds of computers in stock ready for rent.

With the help of our BlueOpsTM team, we also solve the issue of complete technical support - the whole process becomes painless.

Distribution of computer equipment

We provide distribution of computer hardware and software from renowned global manufacturers as well as the provision of technical support and maintenance services.

Our value-added distribution portfolio consists of hardware and software solutions.

Computer hardware:

  • Enterprise computer servers
  • Enterprise computer networks - network firewalls, wireless network points, network routers, and network switches
  • Carrier networks - specialized network equipment for telecommunications operators and data centers
  • SAN and NAS systems - data storage solutions
  • Other specialized telecommunication equipment - GSM Gateway, etc.

Computer software distribution:

  • Advanced solutions for cyber security in business and industry
  • Solutions for managing and monitoring computer servers and networks
  • Data storage solutions
  • Server virtualization solutions
  • Various programs of our Partners

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