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Do you want to work in a dynamic work environment? Are you persistent, responsible, ambitious, and proactive? Send us your resume, maybe you will be part of our team.

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Our competitiveness and growth is based on the people behind every delivered project, product and ultimately superior experience we provide to customers.

We are proud of our team and deeply respect each member, and we maintain harmony by carefully selecting new colleagues and users.

We promote a high degree of business transparency, we respect equality, we provide all employees with an equal opportunity to progress and participate in the design of new projects we work on.

Behind us are many hours of joint work, education, development, and research that we selflessly share with new colleagues to create the best possible team regardless of job and position.

Although organizational structure, processes, and procedures are very clearly defined, we do not avoid challenging them or tolerate a “dogma” or division approach. Regardless of position, vertical communication is encouraged, all with the aim of resolving any form of problem or disagreement as quickly as possible.

Collegiality, a culture of behavior and providing mutual assistance are the highest priority because in the end we all work for the same goal - a healthy environment, better CRATIS and finally a satisfied user.

In the end, we recognize the contribution and believe that salary, promotion, rewards, health, benefits, socializing and flexibility around the place and time of work are a well-deserved right of each of our employees and we meet them always and on time according to & nbsp; high standards, regardless of external influences.


Direct from our staff (#nofilter):

Ernest Cerovečki

Core Platform Engineer

"Linux and Windows, of course, don't talk to each other. The network and the Platform are arguing in the middle over who's more important. Management bribes us every now and then with cakes and barbecues. (Except for this about the Administration, it's true.) We know we're top, and so do our customers. We're like that because we're geeks, perfectionists, and because we do what we're best at. and teach us, please come and make us even better! "

Tomasz Sarzyński

IT Support Engineer

"The first few conversations with my superiors left a very good impression on me because I got a picture that the company has an idea how to use my skills as an employee in a way I could progress. I didn't come to work in the same position forever, not only that I get a chance and a perspective of development than I am expected to become something more.With my experience so far this job sometimes seems challenging to me, but I think it really gives an opportunity to achieve my own goals.I am impressed by the level of knowledge that experts have in CRATIS- u. On the one hand they provide help if needed while on the other hand I have an insight into their work so I can learn that way.Also, the work atmosphere seems very healthy to me, on the one hand during a normal day everyone is a little relaxed and on the other they have a lot of discipline to give their best when and if needed - proven and in very extraordinary situations. "

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