Our telecommunication services are premium in character and are designed primarily for enterprise Cloud systems and data centers, i.e. business users looking for the highest level of security, quality, availability, and extremely high flexibility.

We provide services exclusively through our own modern and highly accessible infrastructure.


As a long-time national telecommunications operator and managed cloud service provider, we are aware that the capacity, quality, and stability of Internet connections are crucial for the quality of all our services, so we paid special attention to selecting domestic and global operators and developed our own tools that ensure the selection of the best routes, and our Network team proactively tip off potential bottlenecks.

We have compiled a complete portfolio of Internet services, so we offer:

  • Optical Internet access for business users
  • Premium Internet as part of Cloud or data center services
  • Wholesale BGP Internet with a high level of configuration flexibility
  • Publishing your public IP addresses within our autonomous system
  • Rental of public IPv4 addresses
  • Protection against cyber-related DDoS attacks with expert technical support and a high level of surveillance
  • Configurable and monitored protection with next-generation firewall (NGFW)

From a quality and reliability perspective, we have ensured for you:

  • Connection to several independent international Tier 1 Internet operators
  • Connection with all domestic national operators (including Hrvatski Telekom)
  • Link to key global carriers like Google, Cloudflare, Microsoft, and more
  • 1Tbps+ continuous protection against cyber DDoS attacks
  • 100Gbit/s Next-Generation Hardware Firewall Protection (NGFW)

Ethernet VPN

Due to the simplicity of understanding the diversity of technical terms from a business perspective, we categorized all our physical network connectivity services as Ethernet VPN services.

With the help of the service you are able to in an economical way:

  • Connect your business premises to our data centers
  • Connect servers between our geo-separate data centers
  • Connect your branches with each other
  • Connect your servers to domestic and foreign operators

From your perspective, the implementation of the service is extremely simple, and with the help of the modern design of our network infrastructure, we always provide you with the highest level of quality and availability.

The connection technology is Ethernet, and within the standard offer, we have connections with a capacity of 10Mbit/s up to 10Gbit/s.

For our users, we design and create special technical solutions, and protected Ethernet connections are certainly one of our standard business practices.

Dark Fiber

Services from the Dark Fiber portfolio are intended primarily for more demanding customers or telecom operators looking for direct optical connections between their locations.

Some examples of dark fiber service are:

  • Set up your own DWDM or CWDM equipment to connect between your locations and our data centers
  • Synchronous SAN replication or Fiber Channel connections
  • Fulfillment of certain regulatory obligations
  • Special technical solutions

As an intermediary in the lease of optical infrastructure, through your experience and business contacts, we guarantee that you achieve your goal in a quick, economical and reliable way with all the associated guarantees.

SIP Trunk

Since we co-own one of the largest domestic contact centers, the provision of voice services and all related business-technical solutions is deeply integrated into our DNA.

If you need simple calling services or extremely complex scalable solutions in the field of IP telephony, our team will be very happy to integrate their experience and focus vision in accordance with your business goals.

We offer:

  • Transfer numbers from another telecommunications operator to CRATIS
  • Rental of national numbering as part of a public speaking service
  • Rental of international numbering
  • Rent a free number and a value-added number
  • Rent SIP trunks according to your telephone exchange or IP PBX solution on our infrastructure
  • Possibility to connect to old telephone exchanges with the help of stable gateway devices

IP Centrex

For the needs of business users, we have developed a highly flexible and scalable VoIP solution that allows you to connect all your IP phones and FAX systems to our Cloud IP telephone exchange.

In combination with SIP trunk service or GSM Gateway solution, IP Centrex service will solve for you the complete issue of the telephone exchange, reduce telecommunication costs and eliminate common problems of scalability and unreliability while increasing quality and capabilities in the field of communication with your customers.

Our IP Centrex solution is leased based on the number of extensions (connected phone devices) and the necessary functionalities:

  • Access the web interface for call review and cost management
  • Record calls (amount of data storage)
  • Dialing options (call redirection, call retention, transfer, and more)
  • Set up greeting messages and interactive menus (IVR)
  • Integration with external ERP and CRM systems
  • Other customizations as requested by users

Aware of the complexity imposed by the telephony branch, in combination with our Professional Services we deliver a complete turnkey solution of migration from any telephone system.

Since it is our own product, we are able to customize the solution for you to the last detail – even if it was integrated with your CRM or ERP system.

In our offer, we have also foreseen the option of implementing Cloud PBX solutions on a local server for the purpose of meeting special business goals or regulatory obligations.


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